Our Services

ALEF Technology is Afghanistan’s leading broadcast technical services and critical power company that provides Cloud Based Playout powered by Playbox technology full-service. PlayBox Technology is an international communications and...
ALEF has extensive experience (+15 years) in providing power solutions within Kabul and across Afghanistan and have a long history of providing UPS power solutions to Media Services, Banks, Embassies, and other major service companies in...
ALEF has been delivering technology excellence for our customers in a wide range of industries. ALEF prides itself on being a trusted partner to your business to deliver and operate your technology needs by building and developing...


Reliability and Responsiveness

We take the utmost care in our work and operate with integrity and honesty, recommending the best solutions for our customers’ needs. When technology systems run into trouble, you need people you can trust to help you identify and fix the problems. With ALEF, you get corporate-level expertise coupled with excellent service!

Focus on Business Needs

When you invest in technology for your business, you want to make sure that you are making the best use of it and getting a great return on your investment. Our team of technology experts helps our clients do just that by focusing on long-term business needs when making recommendations so you don’t have to re-buy equipments. We have your best interests at heart and can help you make the right decisions for your technology.

Personable and Friendly Staffs

At ALEF Technology, our engineers are not only highly-trained experts in their field, but also friendly and easy to work with. We understand that technology can be frustrating at times, and we are here to make it easier on you.

About our firm

ALEF Technology established in 2004, is Afghanistan’s leading broadcast technical services and critical power company, providing turnkey end-to-end communication and power solutions to corporate customers. Alef employs best of class technology infrastructure including high performance satellite uplink and downlink through a long-term partnership with Abu Dhabi-based satellite services provider YahLive, microwave towers and an interactive voice response hardware platform. ALEF’s clients include Afghanistan’s broadcast media companies, Telecom companies, government entities, banks, and educational institutions. ALEF has a leading market position built on the back of long-term, top-tier customer relationships. ALEF’s primary operations are based in Kabul.

ALEF Technology is an authorized distributor and service partner of APC by Schneider Electric and ORTEA (made in Italy) in Afghanistan, Vertiv is an American, Ohio-based provider of equipment and services, and GNB Industrial Power and Exide Technologies is the leading battery manufacturing industry, in Afghanistan. ALEF’s power business provides predominantly uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, stabilizers, solar solution, battery solutions and diesel generators maintenance services. Also, it provides services for digital voltage stabilizers, digital line conditioners, static voltage stabilizers, isolation transformers, magnetic components, electrical equipment, and automatic power factor correction systems. ALEF also supplies IT equipment and provides data center solutions. The latter includes offering highly secure colocation, hosting, and disaster recovery services to clients in Afghanistan.