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ALEF currently provides Playout Services within Asia & MENA regions for leading television channels

By utilising our experience and new advancements in the technology sector and by partnering with a world leading play out specialist Playbox Technology,  powered by CloudAir and the experience of Playbox within the media sector (17’500 TV channels using their solutions) ALEF have brought to the market a fully managed Playout solution. By utilising cloud technology ALEF can dramatically reduce costs associated with traditional Playout services while reaching out to a global footprint and ensuring reliable and quality of service.

We can completely “turn-key” your Playout needs (both live and linear channels) including full asset management, schedule, graphics, media, social media and delivery to either the satellite & OTT end points. Also as an extra benefit ALEF can offer technology services to contribute to your Playout needs such as cloud storage, asset archiving and remote management.

Using ALEF’s Playout solution opens a new chapter in setting up Broadcast TV channels in the cloud. Whether you are setting up a new full time channel, temporary campaign channels, launching a new adverts campaign, doing remote site advertisement insertions, doing multi-channels Playout in multi-time zones, time delay Playout or even just setting up as a D.R. site, ALEF’s Playout service has a cost-effective solution to meet your needs!

Using ALEF’s Playout in a subscription model, it takes away all your business risks without having to pay a huge investment upfront which usually cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on equipment cost, maintenance fees, cost of hiring, infrastructure cost and many other end-to-end running costs. We believe this is the new way of doing media business by liberating you from all the headaches of heavy capital investments, Playout technical know-how, specialists hiring and transfer your focus back to your core competence in content creation.

By combining the best of media and information technology solutions ALEF have brought to the market and new and affordable way for you to achieve your broadcast ambitions.

Key benefits for choosing the ALEF PlayOut cloud service:



We can dramatically reduce your costs for all your broadcast and Playout needs, below are some of the ways your costs will be reduced while also receiving ALEF’s commitment to quality & reliability

  • Zero initial capital investment required to launch channel, you can go straight to air with a low subscription model
  • Low operation costs by utilising cloud technology and economies of scale for hardware and software costs
  • Short term contracts available for short term campaigns and proof of business concepts
  • Reduce you redundancy and disaster recovery costs by using the ALEF Playout Cloud as your n+1 provider
  • Save on your hardware, license, facilities (inc. power), maintenance and staffing by using ALEF’s service


Our professional services & support teams have extensive experience within the Playout arena and the delivery of channels on air, by using our experience, partnering with PlayBox technology and using the latest technology advancements we are proud to offer a full turnkey Playout solution.

  • Fully managed end 2 end solution, from the point of receiving your schedule & content to the final transmission
    • Hosting –  you mange your entire channel from your desktop
    • Managed Service – ALEF will manage your channel 24/7 on your behalf
    • You select the level of control and operation for your channel
  • ALEF offers training and support for your staff
  • You will have access to ALEF’s 24/7/365 operations center for support & monitoring
  • Free system upgrades to ensure latest security controls & technology enhancements
  • Peace of mind that your channel will be on-air 24/7/365


You will also have access to ALEF’s Playout of services which include:

  • Arching and file storage
  • Compliant recording
  • On-Air monitoring
  • Management of live channels and feeds
  • Encryption services
  • Additional redundancy (1 to 1)
  • Social Media connections
  • Live graphics & customised live data feed integrated into graphics
  • Integration into back end services e.g. IVR, Bill & Payments, Studio
  • Live Polling integration


There is no doubt within the media sector today that the traditional method of Playout is changing, with the advancements in IP distribution (bandwidth advancement & reduction of costs) the IT world is now providing the same or superior services into the media sector. With our experience in both the broadcasting and technology sector ALEF is in the best position to combine the best of both sectors to provide a stable, secure, robust and performant technology platform to provide our Playout service.

Below our the advantages you will receive by selecting ALEF as your Playout service provider:

  • Global connectivity, access, manage and Playout your channel from anywhere in the world
  • Reliable data center facility to host your channels with N+1 on all critical facility systems and full UPS distribution
  • Active/Active infrastructure solutions
  • Flexibility to increase your Playout & infrastructure capacity to meet peak demands
  • Advanced security controls and protection
  • Speed to market for your infrastructure requirements

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ALEF currently provides Playout Services within Asia & MENA regions for leading television channels
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