Data Center

ALEF provides premium data centre facilities and operational expertise to maintain and operate your computing infrastructure.

With the pressure of today’s customers in demanding an “always on” service from your IT systems the cost to build, fit-out, operate 24/7/365, provide power and cooling for an in-house data center can be expensive. This is before you take into consideration security, network connectivity, maintenance and repairs.

ALEF have built a dedicated enterprise ready data center in the heart of Kabul to provide a reliable & secure location to host all your IT needs. If you require a single U space within one of our racks or a dedicated area to host your own racks and IT systems we can offer this service.

Utilizing our vast experience and local knowledge in providing power solutions to the market place all ALEF data centers are equipped with full UPS solution and a N+1 or greater level of redundancy, a proven and robust HVAC solution and dedicated security system for access control and CCTV.

Whatever challenges you are facing, whether it is maintaining continuous power, space, power efficiency, continuous operation or security, we have both the solutions and expertise required to overcome them.

ALEF has also the capability to provide fast & reliable network links utilising dedicated microwave and fibre connections.

Below lists some of the services offered by ALEF technology, for more information please contact an ALEF service representative.

Co-Location Services

Services include:

  • Dedicated space to host your own hardware & racks, in a secure controlled environment
  • Site Access or access to on-site 24/7/365 support teams for all your hands on support needs
  • Remote access capability for your application and hardware needs
  • Granular costs models to suit your requirements from 1u, 2u to full multiply racks space
  • Utilise the ALEF next generation firewall and security controls or terminate directly into your environment

Managed Hosting Service

Services include:

  • Provide Infrastructure to Software as a Service for you compute demands
  • Reduce your cost of hardware and license fees by leveraging a shared hardware environment while still ensuring logical separation for security requirements
  • Leverage our team and services to perform maintenance and updates
  • Reduce or remove your IT expertise by allowing our team of experts to manage and run your IT requirements
  • Dedicated 24/7/365 support teams with escalation
  • Allow a scalable capacity and payment plan to allow you to meet peak demand.

Data Centre Furniture/Solutions

If you require either a single server rack, PDU or require to complete a full data centre fit out, ALEF can assist. By partnering with one of the world leaders in data centre furniture and solutions, ALEF can manage and advise you with you data centre planning (both placement & capacity) and can provide items such as :

  • Server racks and co-location Server racks
  • Intelligent PDU’s and management solution’s
  • Cable Management Solutions
  • DCIM Solutions and Implementation
  • Out of Band KVM solutions
  • Security Controls

Another services

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ALEF provides premium data centre facilities and operational expertise to maintain and operate your computing infrastructure. With the...

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