DATA CENTER and NOC facility

It is with great excitement that we went live with our new DATA CENTER and NOC facility based in the heart of Kabul over the weekend. We are now running & monitoring all our services from the new data center facility. Our customers will now receive extra confidence that their IT systems and services are running in a state of the art data center with additional redundancy, capacity and security.

Alef have been supporting and managing data centers since 2003. At the beginning of 2018 Alef invested in a greenfield site to build and fit out a new data center facility to support both internal/external operations and provide technology services for our customers in Kabul.

In partnership with Schneider Electric and a major investment the new data center was commissioned at the end of 2018, by using design services from Schneider and our own DC experts the data center went live in Q3 2019.

The data center has been fitted out using the latest technology and to the highest standards, all hardware which provides critical systems to support the IT operations have been provided by APC & UniFlair which are the leading global provider for data center solutions throughout the world.

The key design principles followed during the design included:

  • All critical systems have a minimum of N+1 redundancy and in the provision of power and cooling a minimum of N+2 redundancy is provided. There is no single point of failure within critical systems
  • Schneider Electric who provide APC & UniFlair products will be used for all active & passive hardware components, this includes: Power, Cooling, Racks & iPDU’s
  • We will follow up-time institute design recommendations when designing system solutions to ensure the highest level of availability
  • The data center should be efficient as possible for cooling, with precise cooling to be used. The design should also incorporate free cooling options and design capabilities
  • The data center should support dense computing and capacity increase without the requirement for any major MEP work, to follow a modular based design

The facility is monitored by a 24x7x365 team of operators which are located on-site.

For further information, you can request an overview of key design aspects of our data center, however we would recommend booking a visit to our facility to view our capability.

For further information contact us on [email protected] or goto our website