Launch of new IP centric based Playout Solution

Alef have launched a new IP centric based playout solution to the market. We are now in a unique position as we can provide playout services from anywhere in the world by using our own private cloud and have the proven ability to connect to any satellite uplink provider globally. As part of our basic package we will offer 24x7x365 playout schedule and monitoring with 7 day compliance recording, however we also offer services such as outside live broadcasts, OTT development and delivery including live and VOD/AVOD/SVOD content, Simul cast to other digital platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, company websites, SRT delivery, MAM, media archive and many other services.

By companies selecting Alef as their outsourced playout partner for either their primary playout or as a backup/DR playout provider, we can dramatically reduce the cost for the broadcaster and provide confidence that their channel will always be on-air, either via satellite or digital channels.

Date : 1st Oct 2019