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ALEF provides premium power appliances and qualified maintenance for all sectors in the Afghanistan market.

ALEF Technology is an authorized distributor and service partner of APC by Schneider Electric and ORTEA (Made in Italy) in Afghanistan. ALEF’s power business provides predominantly uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and stabilizers.

APC by Schneider Electric  manufactures power management and protection solutions. It offers UPS solutions, such as computer/peripheral, network/server, data center/facility three phase, special applications, UPS management, and UPS replacement batteries. Also, it provides surge protection/power conditioning solutions that include surge protection devices, voltage regulators, and hard wire surge suppression products. ALEF provides and maintains APC manufactured cooling solutions, security and environmental monitoring, racks & accessories, power distribution solutions and prefabricated data center modules.

ALEF authorized distributorship can be verified on following URL Link at APC website:


ORTEA SpA founded in 1969, is a leading company in manufacturing Digital Voltage stabilizers (1 KVA – 6000 KVA), digital line conditioners, static voltage stabilizers, isolation transformers, magnetic components, electrical equipment and automatic power factor correction systems.

ALEF offers clients annual maintenance contracts and service level agreements to ensure 24/7 operations.

The following is a summary of the products and services we offer, if you have a specific request then please contact an ALEF representative and we can discuss your needs…

APC Single Phase UPS

Single phase UPS products of APC comprise of home products to protect electronic products like entertainment systems as well as business products to protect expensive electronic and computer equipment.

APC Back-UPS Back-UPS Pro APC Smart UPS-Online (1KVA-20KVA) APC Smart-UPS (420VA-5000VA)
  APC Symmetra (2KVA-16KVA) APC RBC (Replacement Battery Cartridge)  

APC Three Phase UPS (reasons to use them & why come to ALEF)

Three phase UPS products of APC are designed for industrial or business environments where products require 3 phases of power and require the ultimate quality in components to minimize power downtime.

SMART-UPS VT (10 to 40KVA) Galaxy 3500 (10-40KVA) Galaxy 300 (10 to 80KVA) Galaxy 5500 (20KVA to 120KVA)
Galaxy VX (500 to 1500KW N+1) Symmetra PX (10KVA to 500KVA) Symmetra MW (400KVA to 1600KVA)  

APC Surge Protection Devices

APC offers a range of surge protection and power conditioning devices which protect valuable equipment without battery backup. These products allow affordable protection for multiple devices.

Surge Arrest Outlets Surge Arrest Essential Surge Arrest Performance

Digital  Voltage Stabilisers

Digital voltage stabilisers provide stable electric power supply in the event of significant and continuous deviation of mains voltage, a common occurrence in Afghanistan. ORTEA Digital Voltage stabilisers are the most reputable in the international market and are available for different ranges of input voltage fluctuation. In the ±15%/ ±20% and ±25%/ ±30%, +15/35% and +15/45% types, the change of input range is obtained through different internal connections.

Orion 3 Phase (2-250KVA) Orion Plus 3 Phase (30-1250KVA) Sirius 3 Phase (60-6000KVA)

Portable Device Chargers

With the growth in the portable electronic product category, and reliance on these products for day to day functions, there is a growing demand for longer battery life for these products. APC Portable Device Chargers allow you to always have ready power for your important devices even in difficult environments where city power is not readily available.

Mobile Power Pack, 10000mAh Li-polymer Mobile Power Pack, 3000mAh Li-ion cylinder Mobile Power Pack, 5000mAh Li-polymer, Black


ALEF supplies all of the professional equipment needed for a world class data centre including security monitoring and sensors, racks, PDUs, access floors, and similar products. Some of these APC products are listed below:

Security & Environmental Monitoring Racks and Accessories Power Distribution Units & Transfer Switches DCIM Solutions
  Raised Floor Modular DC Containers  


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